Born in Rome in November 1971, I spent my early years amongst nature in Africa, then within Italian culture, and later in the French education system.
In 1989 I take my International BACCALAURÉAT at the renowned Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye. I then attend the University of Communication of Paris, obtaining a DEGREE in Global Communication in 1993, and a MASTERS in Public Relations. The latter includes a thesis entitled: “How to face intercultural barriers in international negotiations”.
During University, I undertake a series of INTERNSHIPS: at communication agencies Euro Rscg and Equilibre; financial company Pictet London; marketing sector of Alitalia and at UNESCO’s IPDC Program of United Nations in Paris. I also have a number of interim JOBS: from acting for advertising to sailing ship crewman; from supermarket salesman to waiter in restaurants and at McDonald’s; to drilling for waterhole in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana.
In 1991 I found Loako, a HUMANITARIAN organisation that acts as intermediary between European students and Third World development projects. Its main function is to promote humanitarian campaigns involving young volunteers, do fundraising and organize dozens of summer school courses, mainly in Ethiopia.
Having finished my studies in France in 1994, I spend a year traveling across the 5 CONTINENTS, performing magic shows in pubs throughout twelve countries. This is helped by my fluency in 4 LANGUAGES.
At the end of 1995 I return to regular employment with the UNITED NATIONS in Kenya, as assistant for communication development in Eastern Africa. Based at Unesco headquarters in Nairobi, I appraise and implemented financial requests for Communication and Media activities. But then…
End of 1996 I return to Italy, entering the ADVERTISING industry and basing myself in Milan. For 2 YEARS I work for Gruppo Pubblicita Italia where I manage editorial projects and promote events and shows. At the same time I CREATE ‘Opportunity’, a weekly magazine insert, focusing on work offers in the Non-Profit sector. I become consultant in Social Communication for Italian TV and advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi.
I become well-established, gradually gaining work experience and increasing income…
But in 1998 it’s time to realise a DREAM: do the ‘Round the World tour without money nor luggage’. I resign from my employment and submit my idea to sponsors and to the Guinness Book of Records. 109 days of ‘the high school of life’ around the world. The communication project gathers success; long articles appear, from Daily & Weekly to Vogue; from The Los Angeles Times to People; from talk shows to television news.
My name appears in gossip columns and on TV quiz shows !
I start to write, and in 1999 German publisher Ullstein – Bild Buch, publishes my first BOOK: ‘Ohne Geld um die Welt’. It is then published in Italy by Piemme, in France by Hachette and in Canada by France Loisirs. Around 50 thousand copies are sold and several awards won.
I publish articles for the press and enter the Order of JOURNALISTS. I cooperate with different newspapers, have my personal page on the magazine ‘Travel’ and work for documentary film productions.
In 2000, I start my own Communications COMPANY – 01 Ltd., which involves, among other things, the creation of one of the first Online travel communities: www.NomadCommunity.com. I sign agreements with Omnitel – Vodafone Group, followed by sponsors such as Benetton and National Geographic. An initial turnover of several hundred thousand Euros.
In 2001 I put into operation the first ‘INTERACTIVE Round The World Tour’, creating in effect the first Reality travel show. I develop Nomad, a mobile platform that organizes EVENTS around the world: from Adventure to Sports, from Environmental to Humanitarian causes, from Culture to Games. I surpass the 40 countries visited.
I build up my international PRESS REVIEW and participate to events as moderator, juror and opinion leader.
During 2002 I develop consultancies in image communication and financial marketing. I also set up INITIATIVES such as the Cargo Freight Club, Outis travel fair, the first Webding and folkloric associations. I exhibit and sell my oil paintings.
I resign from running 01Ltd. I sign a collaboration with LifeGate, environmental visionary italian company.
After 7 years in Brera, Milan, I return to live in the centre of Rome. In 31 years I have lived in 22 houses !
January 2003, I am employed by VIAGGI DELL’ELEFANTE: prestigious Italian Tour Operator specializing in Luxury travels. I am placed in charge of Marketing and Communication Management, responsible for advertising and promotions, web, client service, events and chief of the Press Office.
On 4 June 2004, I MARRY Francesca Boeris Clemen, Doctor in Pediatric surgery. We live in Trastevere.
As Managing Editor of www.Buonenotizie.it, I become Vice President of the ‘Good News’ Association. I launch the MAGAZINE ‘Good News’, as Editor-in-Chief, and receive praise from the Italian Head of State, President Ciampi.
On 27 June 2005, my SON Pietro is born.
My second Book, ‘Make a Run!: 100 experiences to do once in a lifetime’, is published by MONDADORI.
After 3 YEARS at Viaggi dell’Elefante, I resign. Hired for a short period by Kel12, tour operator specialized in luxury adventures.
Co-founder of the family production company: Tico Film. I develop a TV travel show for RAI Television: Car@van. I’m the TV presenter for 18 episodes of the show on RAI Futura.
Often invited as a speaker by several SCHOOLS, I coin WorldILoveYou.com. I’m also LECTURER in Marketing of Tourism in different Universities.
In September 2006 I become Country Manager Italy for the prestigious Indian company OBEROI Hotels & Resorts. I work with Tour Operators and Agencies, but also Corporate and Mice, and as Press office. In 2007 the Oberoi Group is elected ‘Best Hotel Brand in the World’, by World’s Best Awards! In 2008 I broaden my responsibilities, becoming Sales Manager for Trident Hotels, in all 30 properties between India, Egypt, Mauritius and Indonesia. I also enter the Spanish market and collaborate with Lokananda representing other prestigious brands, such as Fairmont and Sanctuary Retreats by Abercrombie & Kent.
In April 2010, after nearly 4 YEARS, I stop representing The Oberoi Group.
I start my adventure with the historical Swiss group KUONI, as Country Manager for its Indian DMC, Sita. In January 2011 I expand my reach, assuming the responsibility in Italy also for Desert Adventures and Private Safaris, DMC’s for the Middle East and Africa respectively. I promote travel services for over 25 countries in the Italian market. I grow business in all Operators segments, Leisure & Mice. At the end of 2013, for the fourth consecutive year, Kuoni Destination Management wins the World Travel Awards as ‘World Leading DMCs’!
I meet Ministers and write a couple of texts for the ghost writer of Italian Premier, Matteo Renzi.
In 2014 I create AROUND THE WORLD Tours, group specialized in designing and promoting round-the-world tours. We are in Alexa top 1 million websites. Over the years we work with major travel operators and with National Geographic. My Tours appear also on the prestigious The New York Times, on Wikitravel, on university theses and prize competitions.
I obtain the South African PASSPORT. Chapter leader in Rome of Travel Massive, major travel industry network.
In 2015 I find my name on Italian primary school TEXTBOOKS, together with three pages about my travels. I dedicate a 2-years educational project to a public school.
Over the years I support adventure challenges, present books and set up events for travelers. My office is at Avventure nel Mondo. I co-author the book “That train to Baghdad” and publish my first book also in English. I invent TripTherapy.com and TravellerMovement.com.
After 7 YEARS, I stop working for Kuoni and Thomas Cook, but keep representing small independent DMC’s.
I discover Holistic Medicine and from mid-2017, for 3 YEARS, I represent the Somatheeram AYURVEDA Group. Top global brand for Ayurveda Clinic Resorts and Yoga centres, I handle sales & marketing and press in Italian and European markets.
I create a viral initiative for MIGRANTS called: ‘I sweep your street’, reported also by BBC World and by Reuters International.
I am awarded with the ‘Enrico Toti prize’, as Italian EXCELLENCE for Travels & Explorations.
End 2018 I SELL World Tours to the American group Bootsnall – Airtreks, leader in Indie travels and multi stop air tickets.
My Omani client Zahara Tours is elected by World Travel Awards, ‘leading Adventure Tour Operator’.
I expand activities promoting also incoming with Best of Italy, and Foreign Tourism Boards working for french company Axium by Parker.
But in 2020, due to Covid-19, I close with Somatheeram and with all my tourism Representation.
In the tragedy, I receive recognition for my blood donations. I deepen and divulge the website Contemplazione.com – travel through beauty.
Since September I work for Oasi Dynamo, part of DYNAMO Foundation, on sustainable tourism development. Head of Sales & Marketing, we create Oasyhotel: first hotel brand in WWF Oasis. We launch the first resort, in Tuscany.  I then move to the business development of Oasi Dynamo’s NATURE Reserve.
I turn 50. For over 30 YEARS present in the press with a thousand pages of articles…@


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